Georgia was the last of the thirteen colonies to be established in North America.  Raghu Ramachandran, retired from UPS after 28+ amazing years, several of which were on projects overseas, and started 13 Colony Global to enable other organizations become more efficient and grow. During his UPS career, he was fortunate to have had several interesting assignments. Raghu started with UPS as an Industrial Engineer/Operations Research Analyst; however he was quickly assigned to the UPS International Planning and Strategy team during the expansion of the small package network to Europe and Asia. Since then he has had several assignments in International, including Operations, Systems and Brokerage Management. Raghu was a founding member of the UPS Internal Consulting team, Director of the Strategic Enterprise Fund and headed the team to expand the Service Parts Logistics network in Asia.

Prior to his retirement he was with the Product Concepts and Solutions teams.During those years he evaluated several new products and services including the design, development and launch of an eCommerce solution, He also led a team of UPS Managers to assess, evaluate and recommend efficiencies in the Supply Chain of large and medium sized US retailers.